Mercatus provides grocery retailers with an end-to-end integrated commerce platform. Helping leading grocers create seamless, multi-channel brand experiences for their online shoppers. With a global presence, Mercatus devotes a good deal of their efforts to online marketing & prospecting. Mercatus recognized that their previous CRM & marketing automation solution, Hubspot, was not delivering quality data causing a disconnect between their sales & marketing teams. Mercatus turned to Budson to develop a solution leveraging Sales Cloud & Pardot that would allow for full integration between sales & marketing.
Mercatus had been working with the Hubspot platform to capture all inbound form submission data from their website – when customers navigated to a product page and requested a demo, they would fill in forms and their data was collected in Hubspot. Once this lead data was captured, however, it was not easily accessible within Hubspot. While marketing data was not reliably provided to the sales team, data that was collected by sales was incomplete. This disconnect was aggravated by Hubspot’s inability to effectively qualify prospects or integrate with Mercatus’ digital advertising channels. Which made it difficult for marketing to send sales qualified leads and the entire team lacked insight into ROI for their demand generation campaigns.
To optimize data continuity and accessibility, Budson implemented Sales Cloud & Pardot – allowing marketing and sales data to fully sync between Salesforce & Pardot. Budson configured Pardot forms, with the demo request forms offering particularly high value to Mercatus. The forms collect product details allowing Mercatus to easily recognize what product the prospect is interested in for more accurate segmentation.
Whether customer data is accessed within Pardot or Salesforce, it is clean and holistic, ensuring that sales and marketing are fully informed and working collaboratively. With Pardot’s robust lead qualifying capabilities, marketing is ensuring that only qualified leads are passed off to sales. Mercatus is experiencing tangible results in the accuracy of the email campaigns (96% average email delivery rate), and the number of prospects they can market to (23% increase in mailable email database in Q3 2020).
Sales Cloud, Pardot
Toronto, ON