Why implement Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Average improvements based on the survey of 3300+ Salesforce customers between 2017-2019


increase in win rate


increase in sales pipeline


increase in revenue


increase in forecast accuracy


increase in lead conversion

Top 3 reasons to use a CRM like Salesforce:

1. Increase sales by providing structure

When a sales team is provided with a consistent structure that walks them through your sales process end-to-end and managers can see real-time insights, forecasts and sales to properly allocate resources – sales begin to grow.

2. Prevent deals from slipping through the cracks

When leads are categorized and all customer interactions are captured, it becomes easy to determine which follow-ups should be done to avoid an opportunity “slipping through the cracks”.

3. Future-proof your business needs

Investing in a CRM solution that is customizable beyond the out-of-the-box functionality allows you to rapidly develop improvements ensuring that your business needs are met for years to come.

Why work with Budson for Salesforce projects?

1. We’re entrepreneurs too

We want to see your business flourish! We take pride in being a part of your journey. Our passion is to help businesses create growth and enable them for long-term success so they can continue to create jobs and innovate for years to come.


2. Guaranteed training satisfaction

We believe that training is one of the most important factors in adopting a new system – that’s why we guarantee 80% or higher training satisfaction, or we’ll do it again at no additional cost.


3. Free 30-day support

We understand that adoption takes time and that enhancements are a natural part of software development – that’s why we provide free 30-day support for all of our clients to ensure continued training and support.

Hear from our clients: