Sales Cloud Quick Start Comparison


Our Sales cloud quick start packages begin with understanding what, how and why you sell what you sell. Defining project milestones and key dates in preparation for your system go-live.


We translate your business requirements into Salesforce solutions that will help your sales team find more customers, win more customers, and keep all customers happy. Partner with Budson to build a 360 degree view of your customer.


All of our packages include training, which consists of a virtual and recorded training session, as well as a technical solution document.


Adoption is essential when launching a new system, our Adoption Program ensures that you get the post-implementation support you need to be successful. All of our packages include 30-day post-implementation support, 30-day post-implementation check-in, and quarterly check-ins.


◉ = Included | $ = Available at additional cost

CategoryProfessional $5,950Enterprise $9,950
Base Configuration
Data Import
Custom Sales Process
Approval Processes 
Email Integration$
Forecasting Configuration$$
Order Configuration$$
Contract Configuration$$